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Carnival Of Light LP


Carnival Of Light LP


Creation Records

2 X Vinyl LP – CRELP147
Cassette – C-CRE147

Moonlight Medicine
1000 Miles
From Time To Time
Natural Grace
Only Now
Crown Of Creation
How Does It Feel To Feel?
Endless Road
Magical Spring
Rolling Thunder
I Don’t Know Where It Comes From

The outro to ‘from Time To Time’ is an uncredited, unreleased track – ‘Sleeper Creeper II’

Carnival of Light review - June 1994

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HMV (UK) In-Store Flyer – 20/06/94


2 thoughts on “Carnival Of Light LP

  1. Love to see a proper repress of this LP I particularly like as current copies in circulation are overpriced…Nowhere has several represses, Blank as well, this one deserved it !

    PS: Please manage Birdman when in Paris next February !

  2. I’ve read that band members do not appreciate the songcraft that this album has. It’s been in rotation since it was released, and I listen to it at least once a month to this day.
    You SHOULD put Jack Rabid’s Big Takeover review on this page because it gives a terrific review.

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