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Tarantula LP

Creation Records Vinyl LP - CRELP188 Cassette - C-CRE188 CD - CRECD188 Black Nite Crash Sunshine/Nowhere To Run Dead Man Walk On Water Deep Inside My Pocket Mary Anne Castle On The Hill Gonna Be Alright The Dawn Patrol Ride The Wind Burnin' Starlight Motel Recorded in London, 1995 Engineered by Richard 'Digby' Smith and Paul Motion Mixed by Mark Freegard for 140dB except 'Castle On The Hill' mixed by Andy Bell Designed at Negativespace Each format featured different sleeve colour: CD - turquoise (pictured), LP - orange, and cassette - green

Select Magazine (Interview)

Select Magazine – September 1994
RIDE ///

This feature had a range of artists including Mark alongside Liam from The Prodigy answering classified adverts looking for musicicians to join their band. Mark went to several auditions pretending to be someone else.

Select Magazine (Interview)

Brixton Video
Brixton cover

MCEG Virgin Music Video Video Cassette - VVD 963 Leave Them All Behind Taste Not Fazed Unfamiliar Like A Daydream OX4 Perfect Time Twisterella Drive Blind Making Judy Smile Nowhere Vapour Trail Chrome Waves Mouse Trap Dreams Burn Down Time Of Her Time Chelsea Girl Audio Recording by Andy Rose, Ian Bridges and James Brown on the fleetwood mobile. Mixed by Alan Moulder at Swanyard Studios Video directed by Marc Edward Over and produced by Jeremy Azis at Academy Brodcasting Productions. Many thanks to Douglas Hart The complete 27/03/92 Brixton Academy show Also available on Laser Disc in Japan, and as part of a box set with the Today Forever video Reissued on DVD as part of 'GBA 20' in 2012

Twisterella EP
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Creation Records 12" single - CRE0150T CD single - CRESCD150 Cassette single - CRECS150 Twisterella Going Blank Again Howard Hughes Stampede Recorded at Chipping Norton recording studios by Alan Moulder, except Howard Hughes recorded at Black Barn studios, Ripley by Matt Oliver Mixed at Swanyard Studios, London by Alan Moulder except Twisterella mixed at The Church London by Alan Moulder Produced by Alan Moulder and Ride Cover photograph by Jock Sturges The single is actually untitled, but has become known as 'Twisterella' as this is the lead track. Apparently, Andy wanted to give the EP a name of it's own, but ran out of time before the artwork was completed Select magazine review

Select Magazine (Interview)
Brixton Academy, London, UK (Second night)
Ride - Brixtn Academy ticket

Leave Them All Behind Taste Not Fazed Unfamiliar Like A Daydream OX4 Perfect Time Twisterella Drive Blind Making Judy Smile Nowhere Vapour Trail Chrome Waves Mouse Trap Dreams Burn Down Time Of Her Time Chelsea Girl Entire show officially released on VHS and Laser Disc as 'Ride Brixton'. Read more about the video here. Part of the show was also used for the 'live' CD giveaway with the 'Carnival of Light' album in France. Support from Verve (later known as The Verve).

Going Blank Again LP

Creation Records 2 X Vinyl LP - CRELP124 Cassette - C-CRE124 CD - CRECD124 Leave Them All Behind Twisterella Not Fazed Chrome Waves Mouse Trap Time Of Her Time Cool Your Boots Making Judy Smile Time Machine OX4 Produced by Alan Moulder and Ride Cover artwork © Christopher Gunson Recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios by Alan Moulder and at Black Barn studios, Ripley by Matt Oliver. Mixed at The Church, London by Alan Moulder, assisted by Dick Two uncredited tracks appear on the album - 'King Bullshit' is the intro to 'Time Machine', and 'Motorway Madness' segues into 'OX4'. -Three of the four sides of the double vinyl version have a message etched into the run-out groove: Side A - 'DIE WITH YOUR BOOTS ON', Side C- 'WIN OR LOSE, UP THE U'S' and Side D - 'IT'S NEVER FINAL 'TIL IT'S VINYL'. All formats feature an inner group photo by Jayne Houghton. All formats also include the album's full lyrics; for the vinyl version, this was printed on a pull out insert. Remastered and re-issued in 2001 on CD alongside the OX4 boxset. Reissued in 2012 as a CD/DVD set for the 20th anniversary. Reissued in 2022 on CD and vinyl alongside the 4EPs and Nowhere A variation to the LP sleeve has been spotted, with different 'Ride' font to the common version:

Select Magazine (Interview)

Today Forever VHS EP
Today Forever VHS

Contains the same tracks as the audio version of the EP. Unfamiliar Sennen Beneath Today Directed by James Deegan, Angus Cameron and Kevin Kerslake Produced by Angus Cameron, Max Abyss, Silvey & Company Japanese Lazer Disc version also contained Chelsea Girl, Like a Daydream, Taste and Vapour Trail. Also available as part of a box set with the Brixton video. Review from Select Magazine

Select Magazine (Interview)
Select - Dec 1990

Nowhere LP

Creation Records Vinyl LP - CRELP074 Cassette - C-CRE074 CD - CRECD074 Seagull Kaleidoscope In A Different Place Polar Bear Dreams Burn Down Decay Paralysed Vapour Trail Taste* Here and Now* Nowhere* (* = CD only track) made in england distributed by pinnacle recorded at blackwing studios, london by marc waterman mixed at swanyard studios, london by alan moulder wave by warren bolster Album was reissued in 2001 alongside the release of OX4 The Best of_ box set. Album was reissued in 2015 alongside the Nowhere25 tour. Album was reissued in 2022 alongside the 4EPs and Going Blank Again. Vinyl - Early pressings of the album sleeve featured the bands' name and the album title embossed over the wave design. This was omitted from later copies, leaving only the spine with the band name and album title. Original copies of the LP, Cassette and CD had a black 'Ride' sticker on the sleeve Promotions were run to coincide with the original release of the album - a free print was given away with all copies purchased in the 'Our Price' chain, and a free poster in any of the 'Chain With No Name' shops.