The Roxy, Los Angeles, USA

Polar Bear
Dreams Burn Down
Like A Daydream
Vapour Trail
In A Different Place
Perfect Time
Chelsea Girl
Drive Blind

With Lush
Part of the show was broadcast on US radio and released on the US promo only CD/LP ‘Kaleidoscope‘. This release was subsequently bootlegged on the ‘Ride Roxy LA‘ LP and ‘Overdrive‘ CD.
The whole show was re-mixed and officially released in 2011 as the second disc of the ‘Nowhere 20th Anniversary Edition

2 responses to “The Roxy, Los Angeles, USA”

  1. The Tracks on the Kaleidoscope EP have a superior mix than those on the 20 Anniversary full show versions that were mixed by Alan Moulder’s assistant (in particular, the kick drum is too high and the guitars are too low). Do you know if there is a mix of the whole show from that mix done in 1991? I would love to get it a hold of it if possible, thanks!

  2. The ‘Kaleidoscope’ mixes were done live on the desk at the venue for FM radio. A recording of the radio broadcast is out there, but I don’t think it’s any more complete than the EP.

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