21st December test pressing

Ride EP Test Pressing

12th December test pressing

21st December test pressing

12″ Promo – CRE 72T
Chelsea Girl
Drive Blind

All I Can See
Close My Eyes

Mayking Records white labels stamped 12th and 21st Dec 1989, presumably the pressing dates.
accompanied by a Creation Records press release
Ride EP details here


4 responses to “Ride EP Test Pressing”

  1. Hi Stew,
    I think this 12/12/89 test pressing may be the ‘mispressed’ one referred to by Loz on page 34 of my issue #8…the 21/12/89 one on discogs may be the second ‘correct’ press, see pic with alternative date here: http://www.discogs.com/Ride-Ride/release/4407437. In addition to that there is a white label (that I also have), and a test sleeve – wrap around with black ‘Ride’ logo instead of the finished white (is it you or Guy that has the sleeved one?)….

  2. Hi Mark,

    Guy had the sleeve with black logo I think.

    So there were two test pressings then…. wonder what was wrong with this version then?

  3. Interesting…. My 12/12 TP is identical to the final version in terms of run-out grooves etc, down to the ‘WE LOVE HEAVENLY AMY’ text. I would have expected some differences if it was re-cut. Maybe there’s another version out there?!

    And, no, I’ve not got the version with the black font. Seen a few pictures of it. I’ve seen quite a few copies of the first three EPs in second hand shops this year, so am expecting to chance upon a copy sooner or later….

  4. The sound quality was poor apparently, I had previously heard/read about that prior to the Loz interview too (can’t remember where).

    Yeah, I noticed the run out too at the weekend. Could something else have gone wrong i.e. same master used to cut to cheaper/recycled vinyl at first press, first press didn’t print properly, or something?!…I don’t know enough about that process, I only attended the one Jennifers cut with Porky.

    Can’t remember who had the black logo then, who else played twitter snap earlier in the year?!…someone had it….

    I’m at Dave’s New Years and he has said he will get his collection out to compare…

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