October-November 1991 Recording Sessions

Not Fazed
Chrome Waves
Mouse Trap
Time Of Her Time
Cool Your Boots
Making Judy Smile
Time Machine
King Bullshit
Motorway Madness
Like A Snowflake
Piano Tune
Xmas Song
Everybody Knows
Tongue Tied
New Order (aka BarneyS)
Tongue Tied (inst) (unreleased)

Blackbarn Studios/Chipping Norton Recording Studios (Alan Moulder/Matt Oliver)
Going Blank Again‘ sessions. ‘Like A Snowflake’ sold as one-sided 7″ with special T-shirt at 19/12/91 ULU gig. Sections of ‘King Bullshit’ and ‘Motorway Madness’ were included on ‘Going Blank Again‘ LP, as intros to ‘Time Machine’ and OX4′ respectively, though both are much longer tracks in their entirety. ‘Piano Tune’ was used as part of the intro to OX4. Both ‘King Bullshit’ (in an edited form) and ‘Piano Tune’ (uncredited) appear on ‘Firing Blanks_Unreleased Ride Recordings 1988-95

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