Polytechnic, Leeds, UK

Leave Them All Behind
Like A Daydream
Dreams Burn Down
Going Blank Again
Vapour Trail
Perfect Time
Chrome Waves
Time Of Her Time
Drive Blind
Chelsea Girl

Slough Festival warm-up AIDS benefit
support from Ratcat & Raintree County


Image courtesy Mark Parrini

3 responses to “Polytechnic, Leeds, UK”

  1. Up against the barrier throughout for this one before heading off to the Slough Festival at the weekend. Got some great pics despite a very angry security guard keep trying to take my camera off me.

  2. My first ever gig aged 15. Was really worried that I’d permanently damaged my hearing for a few days after. Saw Dave Gedge at the bar & he autographed my ticket.

  3. my first gig too, I was up at the front next to a pretty girl who I was too shy to speak to – great days eh.

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