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Eat Your Own Ears EP1

'Eat Your Own Ears Recordings EP 1’ is very limited edition compilation cassette featuring some of the brilliant artists they've championed over the last 2 decades. With only 200 available, each tape includes a unique, screen printed inlay hand numbered by Tom Baker and Lucy Pitkethly. Featuring NEW and exclusive music plus unheard, unreleased, rare and recent tracks. Eat Your Own Ears Recordings EP 1 by Eat Your Own Ears Recordings Tracklisting: Four Tet - Scythe MasterCharlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul - MantraSylvan Esso - Hey Mami (Live)Mount Kimbie - SE15RIDE - Vapour Trail (Vapour Mix) mixed by Robert SmithJames Yorkston & The Athletes - Tender To The Blues (2001 Demo) "I’ve loved working, hanging out and talking music with Eat Your Own Ears over the years, lovely people and real music heads. This compilation will stand as a testament to how valued and respected they are among the artists they have been associated with, so I’m really happy we could be involved with it. Best of luck with the new label." - Andy Bell Front cover

Uncut Magazine free cd

RIDE track Clouds of Saint Maire featured on the free cd with the September 2019 copy of Uncut in the UK. The full tracklisting for the cd is below: Footsteps - Modern Nature Cycle - Joan Shelley Hurry On Home - Sleater-Kinney Unbound - Nérija Death Up Close - Shannon Lay Clouds Of Saint Marie - Ride All Your'n - Tyler Childers Ride On My Bike - Rosalie Cunningham Death Warmed - Dylan Moon Evening Prayer - Ezra Furman The Fly - Cross Record Not OK - Violent Femmes Texas Drought Part 1 - Rodney Crowell Don't Cling To Life - The Murder Capital Married - Peter Cat Recording Co.

Still In A Dream : A Story Of Shoegaze 1988-1995
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Housed in a lavish ‘book’ set, STILL IN A DREAM pays tribute to that seminal period with numerous classics, cult favourites, rarities and tracks new to CD. Across five discs, the evolution of the sound labelled as “Shoegaze” is charted from the bands who inspired it on Disc 1 to many of the US and other non- UK acts on Disc 5. Disc 1 1. The Jesus & Mary Chain – Rollercoaster 2. The Cocteau Twins – Cherry-Coloured Funk 3. The House Of Love – Christine 4. A.R. Kane – Baby Milk Snatcher (12” Version) 5. Ultra Vivid Scene – Mercy Seat (12” Version) 6. Spacemen 3 – Hypnotized 7. Loop – Arc-lite (sonar) 8. 14 Iced Bears – Surfacer 9. Galaxie 500 – Tugboat 10. The Prayers – Puppet Clouds 11. Kitchens Of Distinction – The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule 12. A.C. Marias – One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing 13. The Telescopes – Precious Little 14. Pale Saints – Sight Of You 15. Jane From Occupied Europe – Ocean Run Dry 16. Sonic Boom – Angel Disc 2 1. Ride – Drive Blind 2. Lush – De-luxe 3. See See Rider – Slip So Slow 4. Nightblooms – Crystal Eyes 5. The Darkside – Waiting For The Angels 6. Velocity Girl – I Don’t Care If You Go 7. Cranes – Inescapable 8. Chapterhouse – Falling Down 9. Whipping Boy – Switchblade Smile 10. The Boo Radleys – Kaleidoscope 11. Swervedriver – Rave Down 12. Slowdive – Slowdive 13. The Charlottes – Liar 14. Dr. Phibes & The House Of Wax Equations – Sugarblast 15. Bleach – Decadence 16. Catherine Wheel – She’s My Friend (wilde Club Version) 17. Blow-up – Somersault Sunrise 18. Bark Psychosis – All Different Things Disc 3 1. Curve – Ten Little Girls 2. The Dylans – Godlike 3. Th’ Faith Healers – Gorgeous Blue Flower In My Garden 4. The Lilys – February Fourteenth 5. The Honey Smugglers – Good Afternoon 6. Spirea X – Chlorine Dream 7. Moonshake – Gravity 8. Spitfire – Translucent 9. Moose – Suzanne 10. Spiritualized – Run 11. Revolver – Heaven Sent An Angel 12. Lowlife – June Wilson 13. The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa – Square Wave 14. Black Tambourine – By Tomorrow 15. Whipped Cream – Explosion 16. Smashing Orange – My Deranged Heart 17. The Hinnies – Gong 18. Bang Bang Machine – Geek Love (original 12” Version) Disc 4 1. The Sunflowers – Closer 2. Drop – Mirrored 3. The Belltower – In Hollow 4. Sweet Jesus – Phonefreak Honey 5. Adorable – Sunshine Smile 6. Sun Dial – I Don’t Mind 7. Swallow – Sugar Your Mind 8. Drop Nineteens – Winona 9. Flaming Lips – Talkin’ ’bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (everyone Wants To Live Forever) 10. Medicine – Aruca 11. Coaltar Of The Deepers – Charming Sister Kiss Me Dead!! 12. The Honey Buzzards – Starhappy 13. Loveliescrushing – Babysbreath 14. Majesty Crush – No. 1 Fan 15. The Swirlies – Park The Car By The Side Of The Road 16. Submarine – Chemical Tester 17. Bailter – Space Shine 18. Spectrum – True Love Will Find You In The End 19. Blind Mr. Jones – Spooky Vibes Disc 5 1. An April March – Memory 2. Flying Saucer Attack – Soaring High 3. Drugstore – Alive 4. Secret Shine – Loveblind 5. Mercury Rev – Bronx Cheer 6. The Curtain Society – Chelsea 7. Seefeel – Plainsong 8. Spindrift – Surround Sound 9. Rollerskate Skinny – Miss Leader 10. Bardo Pond – Die Easy 11. Alison’s Halo – Dozen 12. Swirl – The Last Unicorn 13. Bowery Electric – Next To Nothing 14. Bethany Curve – Me Voy 15. Astrobrite – Orange Creamsickle 16. Luna – 23 Minutes In Brussels

Uncut Magazine – Younger Than Yesterday (16 Tracks Inspired By The Genius Of The Byrds)

Seagull was featured on a compilation of tracks inspired by The Byrds given away free with the November issue of Uncut Magazine.

Music For A Good Home Two compilation

Music For A Good Home 2 is the third Audioscope release and includes exclusive and rare tracks from artists who have either performed at or supported the festival. Featuring 40 tracks, the album includes new and exclusive tracks from internationally-renowned musicians including Four Tet, Wire, Beak> and Ride, as well as the best of Oxfordshire’s music scene. Music For A Good Home 2 is available for a minimum donation of £5, with all proceeds going to Shelter. “Stuffed full with new stuff by bands you love, and a whole lot of new stuff to tickle your fancy.” – The 405 Order the album at 1. Four Tet - Audioscope 05:57 2. Wire - Moreover (live in Lausanne) 03:15 3. Listing Ships - American Steam Company 05:12 4. Boxcutter - Cheetah Dub 04:50 5. Felix - Circus 04:39 6. Warm Digits - Sleep Thieves 03:23 7. Fujiya & Miyagi - Coe's Toes 05:36 8. Beak> - 0898 03:18 9. The Telescopes - Dead Already 05:13 10. Richard Walters - Something Once Beat 02:55 11. Deco Child - Southpaw 05:32 12. Karma To Burn - Jimmy D (slight reprise) 04:27 13. Ride - Moonlight Medicine (Portishead On The Wire Remix) 05:51 14. Rome Pays Off - I Can't Take You Home... 04:55 15. SJ Esau - Why Angry? 05:10 16. Action Beat - Toad 02:29 17. Coloureds - Ted Nelson 03:58 18. Mugstar - Bardo Head 05:31 19. Karhide - Rough Sleep 05:40 20. The Workhouse - Before I Go To Sleep 05:21 21. Gunning For Tamar - Astronaut Abort (LukuS remix) 04:54 22. The Half Rabbits - Mayday 03:52 23. Laura Moody - Oh Mother 02:56 24. Kogumaza - Sevens 06:05 25. Flights of Helios - Dynah and Donalogue (Message To Bears remix) 04:46 26. Phil McMinn - The General 02:26 27. Dethscalator - Aids Atlas 02:09 28. Kill Murray - Pheromones 03:44 29. Ice Sea Dead People - Styes In My Eyes (Live at Lost Toys) 03:24 30. The Rock of Travolta - Loose Lips Sink Ships 05:03 31. Caretaker - Yeehah 03:20 32. Alright The Captain - Honey Badger (Karhide Sleepless Nights remix) 03:34 33. The Cellar Family - Someone New 04:17 34. Magnetophone - All She Could Find 05:36 35. Spectrum - Feels Like I'm Slipping Away (remaster) 05:32 36. Talons - St. Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All 06:02 37. ute - Dissolve 06:16 38. Message To Bears - Opus 1 02:57 39. Sennen - Fucrates 02:26 40. The Victorian English Gentlemens Club - I Want You Dead 01:49

Upside Down soundtrack album
Upside Down

Soundtrack album for the Creation Records film Upside Down. Compilation put together by Mark Gardener and released as a 2CD set. Disc: 1 1. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Upside Down 2. Oasis - Rock N Roll Star 3. Primal Scream - Loaded 4. Ride - Leave Them All Behind 5. The House of Love - Shine On 6. BMX Bandits - Serious Drugs 7. Teenage Fanclub - The Concept 8. The Telescopes - Perfect Needle 9. Biff Bang Pow - There Must Be A Better Life 10. Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station 11. Slaughter Joe - I’ll Follow You Down 12. The Jasmine Minks - Think 13. The Boo Radleys - Lazarus 14. Revolving Paint Dream - In The Afternoon 15. Sugar - If I Can’t Change Your Mind 16. Swervedriver - Son Of Mustang Ford 17. Super Furry Animals - Something 4 The Weekend Disc: 2 1. Oasis - Wonderwall 2. Ride - Taste 3. Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes 4. Swervedriver - Duel 5. Teenage Fanclub - Mellow Doubt 6. Biff Bang Bow - It Makes You Scared 7. Slowdive - Alison 8. Revolving Paint Dream - Flowers In The Sky 9. The House of Love - Destroy the Heart 10. BMX Bandits - I Wanna Fall In Love 11. Slaughter Joe - So Out Of Touch 12. The Jazz Butcher - Girl Go 13. The Creation - Creation 14. The Telescopes - Perfect Needle 15. Primal Scream - Imperial 16. The Boo Radleys - Wake Up Boo! 17. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on the same day.

Like A Daydream – A Shoegazing Guide

2006 shoegaze compilation released on Castle music on cd only. 1 Like a Daydream - Ride 2 Pearl - Chapterhouse 3 Son of Mustang Ford - Swervedriver 4 When the Sun Hits - Slowdive 5 Sweetness and Light - Lush 6 Black Metallic - Catherine Wheel 7 Tomorrow's Tears - Cranes 8 Everso - The Telescopes 9 Over My Head - Blind Mr. Jones 10 You Tear the World in Two - Pale Saints 11 Mercy Seat - Ultra Vivid Scene 12 Horror Head - Curve 13 Heaven Sent an Angel - Revolver 14 Suzanne - Moose 15 Shotgun - Bleach 16 Anyway That You Want Me - Spiritualized

The Karma Collection
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2CD compilation by Ministry of Sound described as Spiritually Enlightening Chillout featuring the track Rolling Thunder from Carnival of Light. A brief snippet of the track can be heard in the advert below.

OX4_The Best Of Ride

Ignition Records CD - IGN CD13A (available as part of box set only) CD - IGN CD14 LP - IGN LP14 Chelsea Girl Drive Blind Like A Daydream Taste Dreams Burn Down Vapour Trail Unfamiliar Leave Them All Behind Twisterella OX4 Birdman From Time To Time How Does It Feel To Feel? I Don't Know Where It Comes From Black Nite Crash Mastered at Abbey Road, London by Nick Webb Distributed by 3MV/Pinnacle Cover Photograph by Reza Estakhrian Band Photographs by Jayne Houghton & Joe Dillworth Design & Art Direction by Tourist, London Jewel Case CD (IGN CD14) All tracks are original, full versions, except 'From Time To Time' (missing Sleeper Creeper II outro) and 'I Don't Know Where I Comes From', which is the single version. Liner Notes (the OX4) by Andy Perry CD Also available (in digi-pack version) as part of the Box Set (IGN CD13A)

Creation Records: International Guardians Of Rock’n’Roll 1983-1999
International Guardians of Rock N Roll sleeve

Creation Records compilation album released by Sony when the label folded in 2000. Disc: 1 1. Upside Down - The Jesus and Mary chain 2. Baby Honey - Pastels 3. Shine On - The House Of Love 4. Slowdive - Slowdive 5. Duel - Swervedriver 6. Loaded - Primal Scream 7. Lazarus - The Boo radleys 8. Don't Slip Up - Meat Whiplash 9. Drive Blind - Ride 10. All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead - Felt 11. Up The Hill And Down The Slope - The Loft 12. Cut Me Deep - Jasmine Minks 13. Flying - The Telescopes 14. Almost Prayed - The Weather Prophets 15. I'll Follow You Down - Slaughter Joe 16. The Concept - Teenage Fanclub 17. Higher Than The Sun (Higher Than The Orb Mix) - Primal Scream Disc: 2 1. If I can't Change Your Mind - Sugar 2. Cracking Up - The Jesus & Mary Chain 3. Give Me Some Love (Andy Wetherall Mix) - Love Corporation 4. Drive Me Down (Softly) - The Velvet Crush 5. Sunshne Smile - Adorable 6. Wonderwall - Oasis 7. Rocks - Primal Scream 8. Mellow Doubt - Teenage Fanclub 9. The Man Don't Give A Fuck - Super Furry Animals 10. Serious Drugs - BMX Bandits 11. Stay (Radio Edit) - Bernard Butler 12. Step Into My World (Radio Edit) - Hurricane #1 13. The Mill Hill Self Hate Club - Edward Ball

The Mark Radcliffe Sessions Cassette
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Vox Magazine ‎– VOX RAD 9799 I Don't Know Where It Comes From (Radcliffe Session) Free cassette with VOX magazine Later released on Waves

A Tribute To The Small Faces – Long Ago and Worlds Apart

Nice Records CD - Nyce 1/CD LP - Nyce 1/LP That Man (Small Faces) Recorded during the 'Tarantula' sessions A 2 track promo CD, featuring an early 'rough mix' of 'That Man' was also released

Small Faces Tribute Album Sampler
Back cover

Focus Records CD Promo - FOCUSPCD12 That Man (Small Faces) (Rough Mix) Sleeve Notes: Thank you for purchasing "Small Faces - The Young Mods' Forgotten Story". We hope you have enjoyed the book and hope you feel as we do that it does justice to one of the most underrated bands of all time. This CD gives you your first chance to hear tracks from a tribute album of current artists recording Small Faces songs due for release in January. As we write artists already confirmed include P.P. Arnold, Dodgy, Gene, Kenney Jones, Primal Scream and Supergrass. With many more waiting in the wings. Watch press for further details CD promo distributed free with initial copies of Paolo Hewitt's 'Small Faces - The Young Mods' Forgotten Story' book. Ride's track is a rough mix of the version that eventually appeared on the Long Ago And Worlds Apart album

Volume 12
Volume 12
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12VCD12 (A 2 x 12" vinyl version was also available) Only Now (US Remix) Remix by Jack Rieley Released 12/94, Volume magazine

Cosmic Carnival LP

Sire/Reprise (Japan) CD - WPCR-68 At The End Of The Universe I Don't Know Where It Comes From (single version) Let's Get Lost Don't Let It Die Walkabout Moonlight Medicine (Ride On The Wire Mix) Rolling Thunder #2 I Don't Know Where It Comes From (Apollo 11 Mix) Journey To The End Of The Universe Compilation of tracks from the 'Birdman', 'How Does It Feel To Feel? and 'I Don't Know Where It Comes From' singles Available on import around the world

The Mutha Of Creation Cassette

NME - NME CRE 10 I Don't Want To Be A Soldier (Jonn Lennon) (Live at Reading Festival 29/8/92) Free NME cassette Later released on download version of Live_Reading Festival 1992

Five Alive Cassette
Melody Maker

  Melody Maker -MMMC ONE Ride On Time (Time Of Her Time) Exclusive tracks from the BBC Radio 1FM Mark Goodier show, free with the January 30th '93 edition of Melody Maker Track taken from first Goodier session Later released on Waves

Smile LP

Creation Records CD - CRECD126 Chelsea Girl Drive Blind All I Can See Close My Eyes Like A Daydream Silver Furthest Sense Perfect Time made in the U.K. distributed by pinnacle Produced by Ride Chelsea Girl, Drive Blind, All I can See, Close My Eyes: recorded at Union Studios, Oxford, England by Calvin and Alan. Remixed at Arkantide Studios, London by James and Bill Like A Daydream, Silver, Furthest Sense, Perfect Time: recorded at Blackwing studios, London by Ken. Like A Daydream remixed at Matrix studios, London by Alan Moulder The domestic issue of this compilation, featuring the tracks from the 'Ride' and 'Play' EPs

Grasshopper EP

Sire/Warner Bros (Japan) CD - WPCP-5064 Leave Them All Behind Chrome Waves Grasshopper Twisterella Going Blank Again Howard Hughes Stampede Compilation of the 'Leave Them All Behind' and Twisterella' singles, which were not released in Japan. Avaialble on import around the world. Sleeve picture is the third in the series of Jock Sturges images chosen by the band.

NME Ruby Trax

3 x Vinyl LP - NME40LP 3 x CD - NME40CD 2 x cassette - NME40MC The Model (Kraftwerk) NME 40th birthday compilation  

Select Magazine / Creation Tape
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Creation Records/Select Magazine / C-RE 128 Time Of Her Time (Live At Hultsfred Festival, Sweden, 1991) Cassette free with April 1992 issue of Select Magazine

Mixes Compiled (for ‘Going Blank Again’)

Leave Them All Behind Twisterella Not Fazed Ballad Of OX4 Mouse Trap Everybody Knows Blue Time Of Her Time Cool Your Boots Prince Bullshit Tongue Tied Time Machine Chrome Waves Making Judy Smile Motorway Madness   Cassette of sequenced, final mixes of tracks for what would become the 'Going Blank Again' album Track listing was later shortened and several tracks unreleased until 'Firing Blanks' in 2001 Motorway Madness is circa 7 minutes long: a section was used on the intro of the album version of OX4 Ballad Of OX4 has a 'clean' intro, rather than the cross-faded final version Mouse Trap is an alt. mix


Drive Blind - live 13/12/89    

Heaven & Hell Volume One: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground
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Imaginary Records Vinyl LP - ILLUSION 016 CD - ILLCD 016 European Son (The Velvet Underground) Compilation of Velvet Underground covers by various bands. Other artists featured include The Wedding Present, James and Nirvana

Through The Looking Glass – 1966
Through The Looking Glass

  Imaginary Records Vinyl LP – ILLUSION 023 CD – ILLCD 023 Eight Miles High (The Byrds) Compilation of covers of songs from 1966 by various contemporary bands including Levellers and Family Cat