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Mixes Compiled (for ‘Going Blank Again’)

Leave Them All Behind
Not Fazed
Ballad Of OX4
Mouse Trap
Everybody Knows

Time Of Her Time
Cool Your Boots
Prince Bullshit
Tongue Tied
Time Machine
Chrome Waves
Making Judy Smile
Motorway Madness


Cassette of sequenced, final mixes of tracks for what would become the ‘Going Blank Again’ album
Track listing was later shortened and several tracks unreleased until ‘Firing Blanks‘ in 2001
Motorway Madness is circa 7 minutes long: a section was used on the intro of the album version of OX4

Ballad Of OX4 has a ‘clean’ intro, rather than the cross-faded final version
Mouse Trap is an alt. mix


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