Coming Up For Air

Mailing List – Coming Up For Air – August 2002

Below is an email sent out to all subscribers of the band’s mailing list in the summer of 2002.

new stuff

I only realised today how large this email list had now got. The list is now
bigger than it was in 1992. Scary in a way!

anyway some big news at last…

available to order on-line (where they will be exclusively available) are a
new Ride T-shirt design and also the promised new EP – “Coming Up For Air”.
Click on the links through from

The EP features the band’s brief reunion for the Channel 4 Pioneers
programme last year. There are three tracks, the first two are “soundchecks”
where the band are working out the basis of the track that they then later
performed and then the full 30 minute jam (an excerpt of which has been on
the website in MP3 form for a little while now). There are only going to be
1000 copies of this CD EP release and hence we’re going to limit online
orders to 4 copies per order. It’s the first time the four band members have
all recorded together since August ’95 and so we’re really proud that this
can finally be released.

Meanwhile the Best Of album, the Box Set and all the back catalogue have
continued to sell really well here in the UK. For those of you outside of
this country I hope that you’ve been able to get hold of the various UK
releases on import. However soon in the US the 15 track Best Of CD will get
a proper domestic release. Nice.

The new T-shirt design is in response to lots of you pestering us for a new
design (in the nicest possible way). We thought that a definitive Ride
T-shirt was in order and so the design encompasses the Ride record sleeves
logo that’s on the front page of the site with a list of all the album
releases. Classy.

The old T-shirts have now nearly all sold out (just a few Going Blank Again
long sleeves – very early nineties! – and a few Reading Festival ’92 ones to
go) which now means that my garage has become my own again.

Both the EP and the T-shirts are being manufactured now and so orders will
be mailed out when the stock arrives in about two weeks’ time.


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