• Coming Up For Air EP

    Coming Up For Air EP

    Soundcheck 1 Soundcheck 2 Performance CD single – no cat # design.tourist p + c 2002 Ride First new Ride material for 6 years Recorded 16/10/01 for the Channel 4 show ‘Pioneers’ (broadcast 5/12/01) 1000 copy only release, now sold out The band’s 17/10/01 e-newsletter described the recording thus: “So yesterday at the John Henry…

  • Mailing List – Coming Up For Air – August 2002

    Mailing List – Coming Up For Air – August 2002

    Below is an email sent out to all subscribers of the band’s mailing list in the summer of 2002. new stuff hello I only realised today how large this email list had now got. The list is now bigger than it was in 1992. Scary in a way! anyway some big news at last… available…

  • The Karma Collection

    The Karma Collection

    2CD compilation by Ministry of Sound described as Spiritually Enlightening Chillout featuring the track Rolling Thunder from Carnival of Light. A brief snippet of the track can be heard in the advert below.