Altes Schitzenhaus, Stuttgard, Germany

Leave Them All Behind
Not Fazed
Like A Daydream
Time Of Her Time
Making Judy Smile
Vapour Trail
Mouse Trap
Close My Eyes
Chelsea Girl
Drive Blind

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  1. My friend, his then girlfriend and me came from the RheinMain Area in a green VW Beetle to see this show. By then, there were the Musikladen Record Shop in Frankfurt, MTV´s 120 Minutes, Easy Ettlersˋ Zillo Magazine and dancing in the Goldene Krone in Darmstadt and the Batschkapp in Frankfurt. My Memory is a bit blurred but i still have an image in my head of Loz, leaning over the the drums and flamming hard on the tomtoms, something i had never seen or heard before or after. There was a kind of tent at the side of the stage where different guitars came from invisible hands and after nearly every song, the guitar would change. I bought a blue longsleeve shirt with a stitched logo (RIDE, rough guide to Europe) which i proudly kept till 2012 when we moved to another place when my wife was pregnant. Damn, I miss that shirt. These days, I bite myself in the arse for not being able to see this years show in Cologne, but i could not manage it. I watched the new performance on KEXP the other night and found it brilliant, just like the new records. My friend from then and me are still closely connected. We play in a Band, just like we did in 92. Style: Shoegaze…

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