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Australian tour poster

Paddington R.S.L. Club, AUS

Leave Them All Behind
Like A Daydream
Here And Now
Dreams Burn Down
Going Blank Again
Vapour Trail
Perfect Time
Chrome Waves
Chelsea Girl
Drive Blind

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One thought on “Paddington R.S.L. Club, AUS

  1. Are you sure of this setlist?
    This was at this gig and it turned me into a raving Ride fan, still writing about them in 2018!
    I was standing next to the mixing desk and could see the setlist. Obviously a long time ago, but I remember the list had really early stuff like Silver on it. And it definitely had Drive Blind because they went into the crazy bit for a good 5 minutes and then snapped out of it. At that point, I became a Rider! Not easily forgotten – one of the defining concert experiences of my life.

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