Ride back in the UK top 10

25 years after they last hit the top 10 of the UK album charts, Ride today have entered the UK charts at a very impressive number 7.

It was an amazing week, intially there was Album of the Day on 6Music followed by all the instore events, then on Monday came the news that the album was sitting at number 4 (yes, NUMBER FOUR!) in the UK album charts.

The midweek top 10 chart

As is often the case for bands with a big following, as the week progresses they drop down a few places in the charts because the fanbase buys the album on release day.

In the end the album is sitting at number 7 which is wonderful news and their highest chart placing since 1994’s Carnival of Light.

UK Top Ten week commencing 23rd August 2019

Full list of UK chart placings for RIDE albums is below

Nowhere (October 1990 ) 11
Going Blank Again (March 1992) 5
Carnival of Light
(June 1994 ) 5
Tarantula (March 1996) 21
Weather Diaries (June 2017) 11
This Is Not a Safe Place (August 2019) 7

Watch Ride performing on UK music show Top of The Pops the week they were in the top 10 singles chart.

Below you can see where Ride were placed across all the various album charts.

Number 2 in the vinyl charts
Number 3 in the physical (vinyl, cd and cassette) chart
Number 4 in the sales charts which includes everything except streaming,

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