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Mailing List – TV Appearance November 2001

Below is an email sent out to all subscribers of the band’s mailing list following the band’s brief reunion in 2001 for a Sonic Youth tv show.

tv news

Just had a note from Channel 4 this morning that the Sonic Youth Pioneers
thing that Ride reunited for last month is going to be shown next week!
There was me thinking that we had loads of time to get a video clip and a
sound clip up on the site before the expected transmission date in
Anyway, the programme is on on 5th December at around 00:20 (I suppose
technically that means that it’s actually on 6th December – Mark’s 32nd
birthday as it happens!) and there’ll be an interview with Mark and Andy and
footage and sound from the 2 hour jamming session in London last month.
We’re still going through the camcorder footage and the sound recording that
we made of the day and so we’ll now see what Channel 4 show and then decide
afterwards what to put up at The sound recording runs to about
35 minutes in total and we’re toying with the idea of making it available in
some limited form. No fixed ideas yet but it would be cool to get it out
into the world in some shape or form. Any ideas welcomed. Post them on the
guestbook on the site.
Other news includes a cover of Dreams Burn Down by Oxford alt-country
popsters, Goldrush, this week on their Steve Lamacq session on Radio 1. It’s
probably going to be in Thursday’s show.
The missing interview questions from Steve on the ox4 site should be going
live soon too.
Also the Box Set is now available once more in the stores of the land. The
re-pressing has arrived and you can get it off the shelf or off the web via
the shop on the Ride website. Unless there is further substantial demand
this will probably be the final processing of the box set.
Most of the old stock of t-shirts have now gone. There are a few left of the
Going Blank Again design and the Reading Festival design. Demand has been
very high over the past few months and we’re thinking of producing a new
T-shirt for early next year featuring the Ride record-sleeve collage logo
that is the header on the site. We’ll keep you posted of course.
Thanks also for joining up to this list. Would you actually believe that it
is now larger than the list was back in 1994!


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