• 29/10/89 Demo

    29/10/89 Demo

    Seagull Another Stupid Day (Perfect Time) Dreams Burn Down Silver Furthest Sense Hit Me Like A Train Like A Daydream Smile Distributed on cassette Probably recorded at Liquidator Studios, London

  • May 1989 Demo

    May 1989 Demo

    Uptight (Furthest Sense) Perfect Time Smile Four Track demo, recorded in Steve’s room. This version of ‘Smile’ can be found on ‘Firing Blanks_Unreleased Ride Recordings 1988-95‘

  • Demo #3 (AKA ‘RIDE Demo #3’, ‘RIDE Demo’) Cassette

    Demo #3 (AKA ‘RIDE Demo #3’, ‘RIDE Demo’) Cassette

    Chelsea Girl Drive Blind I’m Fine Thanks Cassette sold at early gigs. This was the band’s third demo, but first in a recording studio: it is also the only demo recording the band sold commercially Some copies invert the track running order Some copies in handwritten/letrasetted sleeve Inserts vary ‘Drive Blind’ from this demo was…

  • Demo #2

    Demo #2

    Chelsea Girl I’m Fine Thanks All I Can See 4 track demo, recorded in ‘Steve’s room’ Distributed on cassette

  • Demo #1

    Chelsea Girl Drive Blind Close My Eyes 6/11/88 4 track demo, recorded in ‘Mark’s room’ Distributed on cassette, some copies included ‘Date With Death’, a Fall pastiche

  • Misc. 1988 Demos

    Driving Song (Summer 88) Tremelo Song (Summer 88) Loopy Jam (Dec 88) Feedback Ache (Sep 88) Chocolate Trip (Oct 88) Various 1988 demos Given that some are dated pre first band rehearsal (23/10/89), some or all may be Andy or Andy/Steve solo (see also ‘Chelsea Girl’ demo on Firing Blanks comp)