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Upside Down soundtrack album
Upside Down
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Soundtrack album for the Creation Records film Upside Down. Compilation put together by Mark Gardener and released as a 2CD set. Disc: 1 1. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Upside Down 2. Oasis - Rock N Roll Star 3. Primal Scream - Loaded 4. Ride - Leave Them All Behind 5. The House of Love - Shine On 6. BMX Bandits - Serious Drugs 7. Teenage Fanclub - The Concept 8. The Telescopes - Perfect Needle 9. Biff Bang Pow - There Must Be A Better Life 10. Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station 11. Slaughter Joe - I’ll Follow You Down 12. The Jasmine Minks - Think 13. The Boo Radleys - Lazarus 14. Revolving Paint Dream - In The Afternoon 15. Sugar - If I Can’t Change Your Mind 16. Swervedriver - Son Of Mustang Ford 17. Super Furry Animals - Something 4 The Weekend Disc: 2 1. Oasis - Wonderwall 2. Ride - Taste 3. Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes 4. Swervedriver - Duel 5. Teenage Fanclub - Mellow Doubt 6. Biff Bang Bow - It Makes You Scared 7. Slowdive - Alison 8. Revolving Paint Dream - Flowers In The Sky 9. The House of Love - Destroy the Heart 10. BMX Bandits - I Wanna Fall In Love 11. Slaughter Joe - So Out Of Touch 12. The Jazz Butcher - Girl Go 13. The Creation - Creation 14. The Telescopes - Perfect Needle 15. Primal Scream - Imperial 16. The Boo Radleys - Wake Up Boo! 17. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on the same day.

Uncut Magazine (Interview)
Nowhere: 20th Anniversary Edition
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Rhino Handmade 2xCD - RHM2 525247 Seagull Kaleidoscope In A Different Place Polar Bear Dreams Burn Down Decay Paralysed Vapour Trail Taste Here And Now Nowhere Unfamiliar Sennen Beneath Today Live At The Roxy, L.A. April 10th, 1991 Polar Bear Seagull Unfamiliar Dreams Burn Down Like A Daydream Vapour Trail In A Different Place Perfect Time Taste Nowhere Chelsea Girl Drive Blind Issued in hardbound book style packaging (just over 6" x 6.5" in size) with lenticular printed cover containing a remastered reissue of the original album with bonus tracks (Disc One) plus a previously unreleased live recording (Disc Two). The package also contains a 35 page booklet featuring various photos of the band and liner notes by Jim DeRogatis. Marketed by label as the "20th Anniversary Edition" of the album. This designation, however, does not appear anywhere on the release itself. Vinyl LP - R1 525987 Seagull Kaleidoscope In A Different Place Polar Bear Dreams Burn Down Decay Paralysed Vapour Trail 180 gram pressing with printed inner sleeve. Reissue released in two different cover finishes. One as the 1st press from Creation Records has matte finish with darker colours and embossed letters on the top side. Second type is glossier, brighter and has printed "Ride" and "Nowhere" subtitles.