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# Sight Of You

Waves LP
Waves sleeve

Ignition Records CD - IGN CD15 Like A Daydream Dreams Burn Down Perfect Time Sight of You (Pale Saints) All I Can See Decay Severance (Dead Can Dance) Time of Her Time Not Fazed Mousetrap Birdman Walk on Water Since Then Crown of Creation Let's Get Lost 1000 Miles I Don't Know Where It Comes From 1-4 - 1st Peel Session 5-7 - 2nd Peel Session 8-10 - 1st Goodier Session 11-14 - 2nd Goodier Session 15-17 - Radcliffe Session Due to CD time constraints, three tracks from the above sessions were omitted - 'Here and Now' (2nd Peel session), 'Making Judy Smile' (1st Goodier session) and 'Walk On Water' (Radcliffe session). These tracks have been restored for the download version available from

Sight of You/Deliverance 7″
Sight of You sleeve

7" single (coloured vinyl) Sight of You (Pale Saints) Severance (Dead Can Dance) LTD EDITION OF 500 'Sight of You' is a Pale Saints cover, and is taken from an FM recording of Ride first BBC Peel Session, Recorded 04/02/90 and transmitted 26/02/90. 'Deliverance' is actually 'Severance', a Dead Can Dance cover. From Ride's second BBC Peel session, recorded 16/09/90 and transmitted 29/09/90 There are 2 known variants, either red or purple vinyl Both tracks later released officially on 'Waves'

Peel Session #1
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Like A Daydream Dreams Burn Down Perfect Time Sight Of You (Pale Saints) First BBC Radio 1 John Peel session, recorded 04/02/90 at BBC Maida Vale 3, London, UK Produced by Dale Griffin & Mike Robinson Available on 'Waves' Session was repeated on April 10th 1990, listen to the whole show below.