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# Eight Miles High

Through The Looking Glass – 1966
Through The Looking Glass

  Imaginary Records Vinyl LP – ILLUSION 023 CD – ILLCD 023 Eight Miles High (The Byrds) Compilation of covers of songs from 1966 by various contemporary bands including Levellers and Family Cat

March 1990 Recording Session
Ride 1990

Eight Miles High (The Byrds) European Son (The Velvet Underground) Paralysed (unreleased demo) Stampede (unreleased demo) Ocean Smiles (unreleased demo) Smile (unreleased demo) Baby, Baby (unreleased demo) European Son (S.E.X.) (unreleased demo) 26-30/03/90 - Falconer Studios, Chalk Farm, London (?) Demos for the debut album, plus recordings for forthcoming compilations 'Through The Looking Glass - 1966' and 'Heaven and Hell Volume one - A tribute to the Velvet Underground'