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Wood Green Hall, Banbury, UK
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All I Can See Chelsea Girl Hit Me Like A Train Drive Blind Intro-154 Close My Eyes Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles) SET LIST UNCONFIRMED First public performance - North Oxford Tech Christmas Party

Demo #1

Chelsea Girl Drive Blind Close My Eyes 6/11/88 4 track demo, recorded in 'Mark's room' Distributed on cassette, some copies included 'Date With Death', a Fall pastiche

Misc. 1988 Demos

Driving Song (Summer 88) Tremelo Song (Summer 88) Loopy Jam (Dec 88) Feedback Ache (Sep 88) Chocolate Trip (Oct 88) Various 1988 demos Given that some are dated pre first band rehearsal (23/10/89), some or all may be Andy or Andy/Steve solo (see also 'Chelsea Girl' demo on Firing Blanks comp)