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Below is an email sent out to all subscribers of the band’s mailing list Christmas 2006.

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This will be the last burst of Ride-related news for 2006 and so we’ll take the chance to wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Rounding off 2006 with some style, we’re happy to announce that Mark finally has a record scheduled for release in the UK. Although the “These Beautiful Ghosts” album has steadily made its way around the globe this year (North America, Belgium/Holland, Japan, France) through a series of licensing deals no suitable label has popped itself above the parapet to secure a domestic release in the UK. Early in 2007 the album will be released across other mainland European territories starting with Germany, Italy and Spain in February but there is still no UK release coming into view. So, for now, the UK will have to nibble on a limited edition 7” release on the nascent Sonic Cathedral Records label. Coupling the album version of “The Story Of The Eye” with Ulrich Schnauss’ inimitable remix of the self-same track, the 7” is set to be released on Monday December 11th. The single will be available in various London record shops from Monday (Rough Trade, Pure Groove, Sister Ray, Intoxica!, HMV Oxford Circus) but you can also order it here:

This will be the second 7” release on Sonic Cathedral and follows hot on the heels of The Tamborines single “Sally O’Gannon” which just happens to feature Mr Gardener on backing vocals (

We weren’t 100% sure about the idea of re-printing the Nowhere T-shirt design but decided to take the plunge a few months back and what a success they’ve been – many thanks to everyone who has bought one (or two… or more). The last few remaining ones available are here:

Also the Nowhere album artwork prints have been very popular with everyone around the globe. These are strictly limited to 100 prints and are available exclusively here:

Early in 2007, Mark will be playing his first ever shows in South America. He’s playing dates as guest-vocalist for rinôçérôse in Santiago (Chile) and Mar del Plata (Argentina) and while he’s there he’s going to take the opportunity to play his own solo shows. Ride never had the opportunity to play anywhere south of San Diego in the Americas and so this will really be a special occasion. The two dates are January 19th Galpon Victor Jara , Santiago and January 21st (venue to be confirmed), Buenos Aires.

Before that Mark will be playing live at a festival in Huy, Belgium on January 13th with his full backing band. And following the trip to South America Mark will be playing solo at La Casa 139 in Milan, Italy on January 24th and then at a Sonic Cathedral Club special at the Oakford Social Club in Reading on February 25th. Mark is also hoping to play a show in Hong Kong in February but this is yet to be confirmed.

Finally some words from the boys themselves:

Hello. I hope everybody in cyberspace is well. There’s not much news from me. I am currently writing and demoing songs which may or may not end up on the next Oasis record. Working on my drumming. In between, I run (and DJ at) a fortnightly Saturday night club in Stockholm called ‘Bangers and Mash’ which is worth a visit if people are passing by. It’s at Marie Leveau, Hornsgatan 66. Erm… I produced an album this Summer, which will be released in the new year, it’s called ‘Fear and Love’ and the band is Weeping Willows. They are Swedish but they sing in English. The best new guitar band I have heard in ages is The Lea Shores. Seen them twice now and if you get a chance you must check them out… they’re from Shoreditch hence the name. That’s about it from me… I expect to spend 2007 in the studio with the boys, with a bit of luck there might be some new Oasis music released this year.

Hi to all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s been a busy year and all is set to continue into the New Year with more solo dates and guest vocal appearances with Rinocerose already in the book! At last these dates will take me to South America for the first time with shows confirmed in Chile and Buenos Aires. Meanwhile here in the UK I’m back in the studio collaborating on some more electronic projects along with the week-next booked in a studio in France with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau twins) which should be very interesting. I have also been putting on my producer head and have just finished producing a great local female singer songwriter called Chantelle Pike which is due for release early next year. I’m also starting to get some new songs together which will hopefully form part of another solo album that will hopefully be finished next year.
The last great gig I attended was The Brian jonestown Massacre with The Morning after Girls playing later in the aftershow which all got a bit fuzzy in the end!
Also to those still awaiting the DVD I’ve actually seen a rough cut and this will hopefully be finished and ready to go as soon as we have sorted out final edits and some ongoing song clearance issues. Once again I apologise to all and thank you for your understanding and patience!!!!
All my best,


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