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Waves LP

Waves LP

Waves sleeve

Waves LP


Ignition Records


Like A Daydream
Dreams Burn Down
Perfect Time
Sight of You (Pale Saints)
All I Can See
Severance (Dead Can Dance)
Time of Her Time
Not Fazed
Walk on Water
Since Then
Crown of Creation
Let’s Get Lost
1000 Miles
I Don’t Know Where It Comes From

1-4 – 1st Peel Session
5-7 – 2nd Peel Session
8-10 – 1st Goodier Session
11-14 – 2nd Goodier Session
15-17 – Radcliffe Session

Due to CD time constraints, three tracks from the above sessions were omitted – ‘Here and Now’ (2nd Peel session), ‘Making Judy Smile’ (1st Goodier session) and ‘Walk On Water’ (Radcliffe session). These tracks have been restored for the download version available from


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