Mailing List – Ox4 release October 2001

Below is an email sent out to all subscribers of the band’s mailing list following the release of OX4.


this is just a quick note to say that the web shop that sits next to my
office here in Oxford has just had it’s stock in of the Box Set, the CD and
Vinyl Best Of plus all the catalogue albums. It’s the same web shop where
we’ve been selling the remaining Ride T-shirts that had been filling up my
garage for the past few years. There are only about 40 T-shirts left now and
after those have gone that will be it, I’m afraid.
So go off shopping to if there’s any gaps that you still
need to fill.

Also you’ve probably seen some of the reviews and interviews that have been
going on around the release.
Conveniently the Ticket To Ride site (linked from and the site (a fan’s creation records site) have got
a full list of all the recent activity with links and downloads of sound
files so that you don’t miss anything.

Thanks to all of you who’ve signed up to the Ride email-list, it has been
quite frantic both on the list and on the website guestbook. Things have
been selling well: the Box Set, Nowhere, Going Blank Again and the Single
Best Of CD have all had to be re-pressed already. It’s been really exciting
to walk into record shops and see the “ride” sections full once more.

That’s all from me but since I’m sat here with Andy at the moment I thought
it only right and proper to leave him with the last word.

Dave Newton

Dear all:
with love
Andy Bell
p.s. look out for the secret track!


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