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# New Age

Firing Blanks_Unreleased Ride Recordings 1988-95
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Ignition Records CD - IGN CD13B (available as part of box set only) Something's Burning Chelsea Girl (4 track demo) Blue Dreams Burn Down Dub She's So Fine New Age Tongue Tied Everybody Knows I'm Fine Thanks Xmas Song King Bullshit Smile (4 track demo) Welcome To Paradise In A Different Place (differently) BarneyS All songs Ride except 1 Gardener, 5 Bell, 6 Reed, 13 words Gardener/Rieley. music: Gardener 1,2,4,5,9,10,12,13,14 & 15 produced by Ride. 3,7,8 & 11 produced by Alan Moulder. 6 produced by John Lecie 1 &5 recorded and mixed at Courtyard Studios, Oxfordshire. 2 & 12 recorded and mixed in Steve's bedroom. 3,7,8 & 11 recorded at Chipping Norton Studios by Alan Moulder and at Black Barn Studios, Ripley by Matt Oliver. Mixed at The Church Studios, London by Alan Moulder. 4 recorded and mixed at Blackwing Studois, London by Marc Waterman. 6 recorded and mixed at Abbey Road, London by John Leckie and Chris Brown. 9 recorded and mixed at Union Studios, Oxford. 10 & 15 recorded and mixed at Black Barn Studios, Ripley by Matt Oliver. 13 recorded at Matrix Stdios, London - engineered at Richard Digby Smith and Paul Motion. Mixed at Matrix Studios by Mark Freegard fo 140db. 14 recorded and mixed in London somewhere. Mastered at Abbey Road, London by Nick Webb Compiled by Steve Queralt Distributed by 3MV/Pinnacle Cover Photograph by Reza Estakhrian Band Photographs by Jayne Houghton & Joe Dillworth Photographs, Design & Art Direction by Tourist, London

Late 1993-Early 1994 Recording Sessions

Moonlight Medicine 1000 Miles From Time To Time Natural Grace Only Now Birdman Crown Of Creation Endless Road Magical Spring Rolling Thunder I Don't Know Where It Comes From Rolling Thunder #2 Let's Get Lost Don't Let It Die At The End Of The Universe Sleeper Creeper II New Age (The Velvet Underground) Walk On Water (unreleased) Sunshine (inst - looped) (unreleased)  Instant Korma (unreleased) Sawmills, The Manor, RAK, Abbey Road, Sound City and Sunset Sound (John Leckie) 'Carnival of Light' sessions. A section of 'Sleeper Creeper II' was used as the outro to 'From Time to Time' on the album. 'Sunshine' and 'Walk on Water' were re-recorded for 'Tarantula'. 'Only Now' was remixed and released, with a different vocal, on the 'Volume 12' compilation. 'Magical Spring' remixed by Andy Bell at Sunset Sound, L.A. 03/94 New Age was released on the 'Firing Blanks' compilation