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Television appearance

Soccer AM on Sky Sports
RIDE ///

Ride took some time out from their tour to appear on Sky Sports Saturday morning TV show Soccer AM. Their was an interview with the band plus a performance of Jump Jet, some of which you can see below. Only letting me upload 2mins 20 but...enjoy!— sickofbigots (@prydeannie) December 7, 2019

6 Music Festival, Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK

Lannoy Point Charm Assault Seagull Like A Daydream Dreams Burn Down Twisterella Leave Them All Behind Home Is A Feeling Taste Vapour Trail Drive Blind Performance was part of the 6music festival. Also on the bill were Sleaford Mods, Warpaint and The Jesus & Mary Chain.

French TV Interview
French TV Interview 1994

Recorded on 25th November 1994 when the band played Terminal Export, broadcast date unknown.

Lighthouse, London, UK

Let's Get Lost That Man With Pulp, St Etienne, Everything But The Girl, Horse, Sheila Chandra, Juliet Roberts, Neneh Cherry, Alison Moyet AIDS benefit - broadcast on BBC Radio 1 & International TV

‘Most Wanted’ live acoustic session
MTV Most Wanted
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I Don't Know Where It Comes From How Does It Feel To Feel? NOTES: 'Most Wanted' live acoustic session - Mark & Andy only.

ITV ‘The Beat’ acoustic session
Andy Bell
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ITV 'The Beat' acoustic session - Mark & Andy only. How Does It Feel To Feel? I Don't Know Where It Comes From

Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, UK
Glastonbury 1994

At The End Of The Universe How Does It Feel To Feel? Like A Daydream Birdman Let's Get Lost 1000 Miles Magical Spring Mouse Trap Natural Grace Moonlight Medicine Only Now I Don't Know Where It Comes From

BBC ‘Top Of The Pops’, London, UK
Top of The Pops

Broadcast on 28th April 1994. Live vocal over pre-recorded backing track.

The Chart Show, ITV
ITV Chart Show

May 1992 sees the ITV Chart Show run through the Indie Chart top 10 with Twisterella sitting proudly at the top of the chart.

Tomorrow’s World, BBC TV
Tomorrow's World

Tomorrows World - the BBC Thursday night science show that looked at future technological developments. In this episode they tested a new crash barrier at one of Ride's gig at Brixton Academy in March 1992.

Rapido, BBC TV

Just before the release of second album 'Going Blank Again' Ride appeared on Rapido for the second time. This interview was filmed in Oxford.

BBC ‘Top Of The Pops’, London, UK
Top of The Pops

Performance of 'Leave Them All Behind' which entered at No.9 in the UK charts. Performance was mimed.

The Chart Show, ITV
ITV Chart Show

February 1992 sees the release of Leave Them All Behind as a single and The Chart Show give an 'exclusive' preview of the promo video in the Indie Chart Top 10.

Channel 4 ‘The Word’, London, UK
The Word

Played short 'Radio Edit' version for late night TV show.

Crystal Palace Bowl, London, UK
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Leave Them All BehindLike A DaydreamDreams Burn DownVapour TrailPerfect TimeChrome WavesTime Of Her TimeNowhereTasteSeagullDrive Blind with Cud, Milltown Brothers, Boo Radleys & Pixies Melody Maker review

The Chart Show, ITV
ITV Chart Show

Another appearance in the Indie Chart top 10 for the popular Saturday morning tv show The Chart Show. On March 28th 1991 Ride made an appearance when the Today Forever EP was in the chart.

BBC ‘Top Of The Pops’, London, UK
Top of The Pops

Top of the Pops performance for 'Unfamiliar'.

Wembley Arena, London, UK
Great British Music Weekend 1991
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Seagull Taste Dreams Burn Down Vapour Trail Chelsea Girl BPI Great British Music Weekend, with Billy Bragg, Cure, Wedding Present, New Model Army, Jesus Jones and Carter USM The entire gig is available on bootleg LP 'Meltdown' and bootleg CD 'Overdrive Part of the show was also broadcast on TV.

The Chart Show, ITV
ITV Chart Show

Despite the Fall EP being nearly four months old, it was still in the Indie Top 10 where the Chart Show played the Taste video in January 1991.

Rapido, BBC2 TV

Includes an interview and live footage filmed at the bands gig at the Town & Country Club (now known as The Forum) in London on Saturday 27th October 1990.

Astoria, London ,UK
Ride 1990

Taste (1st Take) Taste (2nd Take) Seagull Both tracks from this show were broadcast on BSkyB TV's 'The Happening' Support from Fatima Mansions

Transmission Interview, Sept 1990, ITV
Transmission - Sept 1990

Steve and Loz interviewed for TV show Transmission after the release of the Fall EP in 1990.

Transmission Interview, April 1990, ITV
Transmission - April 1990
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Ride's second interview on ITV show Transmission to coincide with the release of the Play EP. Broadcast date unknown.

The Chart Show, ITV
ITV Chart Show

The Saturday morning after the release of the Ride EP, The Chart Show on ITV broadcast the Indie Top 10 and the video for Chelsea Girl was shown as part of the rundown.

Transmission Interview, Jan 1990, ITV
Transmission January 1990

Interview on late night TV show Transmission recorded January 1990. Broadcast date unknown.

Subterranea, London, UK
SNUB TV Compilation video

Seagull Chelsea Girl Dreams Burn Down Like A Daydream Drive Blind Perfect Time Furthest Sense Ride Mind Fuck Supporting Galaxie 500 At least part of the show was recorded by BBC Snub TV - 'Drive Blind' was broadcast on TV, and released on the 'Snub TV Vol 2' video compilation